Shahrnush parsipurs women without men a review and critique essay

Her book demonstrates that clearly. Women Without Men focuses particularly on the stifling social restrictions that box in female characters, who grapple with gendered norms alongside a more personal ennui.

If this simple battle of nature troubled Madokht it is probably indicative of the battle of nature between women and men.


The twist is that hovering over them and informing and restricting their decisions is the Iranian cultural system with its strict religious rules regarding the place of women in society.

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Shahrnush Parsipur’s Women Without Men: A Review and Critique

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The oppression of women in Iran’s male-dominated culture and the power inherent in female solidarity are the themes of Parsipur’s ingenious “novel,” which is composed of thirteen related stories depicting five abused women whose assertions of their independence take vivid symbolic forms.

Women Without Men is a book with a counterintuitive title. It defies the culture and cultural awareness of the land of its creation. While books should never be judged for their titles alone, this one dares challenges and informs all at once and cannot be overlooked.

Discussing Women Without Men, Women Without Men Biography: Shahrnush Parsipur (bornTehran) received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tehran in Sociology in Her short stories, poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies, most recently in Banipal, Guernica and The Electronic.

Women without Men describes the very different lives and fates of several women, all of which eventually intersect in a house and garden in Karaj, near Tehran. Men figure in these women's lives, but largely as an absence or a negative.

Shahrnush Parsipur’s novel Women Without Men is a powerful story about cultural differences between the West and the Middle East’s treatment and understanding of women. The author dares to tread on ground that exposes this and shows a vitality of spirit to share with the world.

Shahrnush parsipurs women without men a review and critique essay
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