Essay on television is hazard to children health and growth

In fact, the impact of television can be seen in increasing awareness of the people about socio-economic or political situation of the country. Kids who view violent acts on TV are more likely to show aggressive behavior, and to fear that the world is scary and that something bad will happen to them.

They follow their style and habit. Garfinkel, chief technology officer, Sandstorm Enterprises, Inc. In it, a child can grow independently. Children who consistently spend more than 4 hours per day watching TV are more likely to be overweight.

The television is occupying the centre stage in our lives.

485 words short essay on the Impact of Television on Children

I like that my child has access to electronics. A refocusing in education, at home and school, on the essentials of a healthy childhood: Many girls, it found, are bored by computers.

Do computers really motivate children to learn faster and better. Media should not take the place of getting enough sleep and being physically active. TV has become an important tool of recreation, education and propaganda. Are You a Parent. Children who consistently spend more than 4 hours per day watching TV are more likely to be overweight.

Technology has its negative effect on writing skills of children. Even some of the tools available to help them -- from the TV ratings system to the V-chip -- are widely underutilized.

Teens who play violent video games and apps are more likely to be aggressive. Check them out below. According to AAP policy, "Research on early brain development shows that babies and toddlers have a critical need for direct interaction with parents and other significant caregivers for healthy brain growth and the development of appropriate social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

Very often we come to learn from the newspapers that particular crimes were committed being motivated from the programmes of TV. A broad public dialogue on how the emphasis on computers affects the real needs of children, especially children in low-income families.

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Young kids are particularly frightened by scary and violent images. For instance, television programs are quite commonly used in school classrooms, and teachers may use educational videos or segments recorded from network broadcasts to accentuate their lessons and provide learning avenues for children with different learning styles.

Keep their use of TV, movies, videos, and computer games to no more than one to two hours a day. In that way, his latent faculties can be developed. It, in fact, depends more on the environment available at home, and not due to TV programmes, that is instrumental in leading the young children astray.

Should then reading be banished. Should then reading be banished. This is resulting in their poor academic performance. No more than 1 hour a day of educational programming, together with a parent or other caregiver who can help them understand what they're seeing.

For example, preschoolers can get help learning the alphabet on public television, grade schoolers can play educational apps and games, and teens can do research on the Internet.

It widens the faculties of understanding, fellow feelings and mutual love and cooperation. Negative Impact on Writing Skills Writing is an art which every person must own. The technology has its impact on people of all fields and ages. Ask them questions like: Face-to-face conversation with more competent language users, for example, is the one constant factor in studies of how children become expert speakers, readers, and writers.

4: Full disclosure by information-technology companies about the physical hazards to children of using their products. 5: A halt to the commercial hyping of harmful or useless technology for children. 6: A new emphasis on ethics, responsibility, and critical thinking in teaching older students about the personal and social effects of technology.

11 health hazards of watching too much TV

Effects of television viewing on child development: Effects of television viewing on child development, highly contested topic within child development and psychology involving the consequences for children from the content of and the duration of their exposure to television (TV) programming.

On the contrary, TV viewing helps the growth of mental faculties and reasoning power of the children. I strongly support the view that by TV viewing they can have a sound grasp of the subject. With this, doing homework is and will not be difficult.

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The effects of television and television advertisements on children today have been directly linked to the overall health degradation; however, the negative effects continue to cultivate.

The effects of television on a child don’t stop at their health, but continues to escalate on. The technology is causing many health issues in children. The surveys conducted from time to time tell that due to increasing use of gadgets, children are suffering from the health problems like back pain, weak eyesight etc.

Due to less physical activities, the fatness is common to see in today’s children.

Essay on television is hazard to children health and growth
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words short essay on the Impact of Television on Children